Launch Sponsor: Poppy Bean and Bloss

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Proud to mention another sponsor for my Riley and The Dancing Lion book launch. Poppy Bean & Bloss is that kind of label that sends you back to yesteryear when things were made with such beauty and care.

Local gal Michelle Williams began her business in 2007 when she was stumped for the perfect gift for her niece - and tried her hand at a sock monkey. The rest is history. Michelle's sock monkeys are not only absolutely adorable, they are made with such care and love - recipients are guaranteed to fall in life-long love.

Michelle's best-selling (who am I kidding, they are all best-selling!) Waldorf style doll features the classic rounded face and button nose and wide-set eyes. The dolls can be custom-designed to almost any specification - an older doll, a baby, a variety of hairstyles and skin colour. She also creates adorable little knot dolls which make the perfect snuggly for little ones.

Clever Michelle not only sews, she crochets and hand-makes these beautiful hair ties with fabric covered buttons. She also sells these without the crochet flower, making for delightful, retro bobbles any girl would love.

Visit Poppy Bean & Bloss for more!

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