Author Visit Requirements

Saturday, 5 December 2009

When visiting your school or organisation, the following would be warmly appreciated:
  • Clear indication and confirmation of dates and session times, well in advance
  • School address, parking advice and clear directions to the front office/venue
  • School’s phone number and mobile contact in case of emergency
  • Readings spaced as closely together as possible (no breaks in between), with the final session finishing by 2.30pm at the latest
  • The children’s ages and number of students attending
  • A smartboard setup in one space, if at all possible, so I’m not required to move between sessions
  • Someone on hand with technical knowledge to ensure smartboard setup doesn’t go awry (this problem occurs around 80% of the time)
  • If there is to be a book signing, an approximate required amount of books, in advance
  • A glass of water and a cup of tea would be lovely!

I bring a USB stick and laptop with me and arrive 15-20 minutes before presentation to set up.

Please email for current charges. I have a 2-reading minimum and a fee discount if a book signing is organised. My charges are current with ASA recommendations.

I have public liability insurance to $10 million.

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