A New and Wonderful Book

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I'm thrilled to announce a brand new project I'll be working on in between my Riley books with the illustrious Kieron Pratt.

I have long worshipped and adored the work of the Brisbane-based Tina Snerling - artist, crafter, designer extraordinaire. Her work at Tiny Concept is something to become enraptured by and swoon over.

When I first talked with this talented artist about the possibility of working on a book together, I was thrilled to learn that illustrating children's books is a long-held dream of Tina's.

Upon showing her one of my most precious and long-desired book ideas, I was ecstatic how inspired she became by its content - sending me the above test picture for 'approval'. I approved it, alright.

And so begins my wonderful association with Tina Snerling and the glorious book-about-to-be.

Stay tuned.

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