If Life Gives You a Lemon, Make Lemonade

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I absolutely love this saying, and today I've had to put this to good use.

We've been dealing with an incredibly unprofessional excavation company who committed a mind-boggling and neanderthal act today - dumping soil on our nature strip.

Usually, this would incense me, but I actually feel calm about it all. So nice to have reached a level in life where something like this doesn't upset me. I think being a strong believer in Karma also helps. Oh yes, I'm handing it over to the Universe, baby.

Anyhoo - I stood looking at that unwanted pile of soil and all I saw was a lemon. And it reminded me that I love lemonade.

So this is the game plan. As we speak, Ella is earning some pocket money doing a letterbox drop to alert our surrounding neighbours there's free soil to be had at our house. We're also going to be using part of the soil to supplement our garden and vegie patch, and will be offering free reign to friends and wannabe landscapers through Husband's work.

Whatever is left over, we'll remove in the trailer. It feels so wonderful to offer this freebie to everyone - who knew I could feel so great after such a low act that was deliberately designed to maim?

If you are in the need for some soil for your yard, ping me an email here and come on over. There might even be a nice glass of lemonade waiting.


posiepatchwork said...

OMG, how much soil did they dump?? We just laid hay on our entire ENTIRE garden so we're good for soil thanks, enjoy it though. Love Posie

Anonymous said...

shameful - why didn't you just ask them to take it away? BUT, youare such a good soul! tb

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