Seasonal Wishings

Sunday, 3 January 2010

It's a common blight on seasonal living that I find my thoughts turning to winter during the height of summer. My dream is to live without batting a single eyelid towards any season other than that in which I am embroiled in (and 'broiled' is the operational word right now).

I think it's because British blood runs so thickly in my veins that I pretty much pine for the cold all year round, but Christmas seems to doubly pull me yearningly into all things icy.

I sat staring for a long time at this picture (above) on Purl Bee this morning, as the sun beat down and fried the plants outside my office window. The scarf is an Eleventh Hour Scarf because you can make it in the hour before you plan to head out for a snow frolic.

I made a similar scarf with the kids in Beijing but I love this one for the divine texture wending its way through the length. Also love the chartreuse colour.

Now all I need is some snow. It's either time to book a ticket to Europe, or time to cram my head into the freezer for a nice icy deep breath. Either way, I'll be happy so long as I have that creation around my neck.

I'm off to fetch my needles, turn on the aircon and get clacking.


Playing by the book said...

Hi Tania,

Well we've got snow here - not much it has to be said, but more is due tomorrow (of course more snow had to fall on the day the kids go back to school!). I'd have to admit I'd rather have snow than temperatures in the high 30s (or higher) any day!

Anonymous said...

well, you know how I feel about winter! Let's plan on switching houses next year or the year after! I'm so serious! You can have loads of snow and wear that beautiful scarf! TB

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