Things I Learned in 2009 to Make 2010 Happier

Monday, 18 January 2010

Huge thanks to the following people for teaching and reminding me of these most memorable and invaluable things that are a) expanding my spirit, b) improving my life, c) making me happier and subsequently making my family happier.

Thank you.

  • Chew food slowly (Lisa)
  • Appreciate beauty over and over and over, especially in the everyday (Mary)
  • Meditate or spend a few moments deep breathing every day (common sense)
  • Be gentle on myself, including my pelvic floor (Mary)
  • Leave the avocado pit in guacamole to keep it from browning (Barb)
  • The only form of vengeance is... grace. (ok, and living well, too) (Rob)
  • Coffee grounds keep snails off your veggie patch (real living magazine)
  • Be giving, selfless (when need be) and dignified at all times (Jenn)
  • Commit one-on-one time to my children (common sense)
  • Follow your passion (Ella)
  • Exercise every day, absolutely without fail (common sense)
  • Enjoy preparing beautiful food (Mary and Jenn)
  • Companion plant (Stephanie Alexander)
  • Stand strong and demand the best (Deb R.)
  • Be more observant (Ella)
  • Eat only enough to satisfy (Riley)
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff (Ian)
  • Take time to observe and appreciate your children (Jenn)
  • Always live creatively (Tina)
  • Balance is key (Mary)
  • Always live stylishly (Paula)
  • Be brave enough to make big changes (Jen L.)
  • Have faith (common sense)
  • Believe in yourself (common sense)
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