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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I'm a great piñata lover and we always have one at each and every party, even Halloween.

Last Halloween, however, I had a piñata diaster...

I originally wanted to make a spider piñata but the shape of the balloon didn't work, so it ended up becoming a bat. Mindful of the piñatas I've made over the years that were so tough they had to be sawed open, I made this one a little thinner than usual.

The kids were so excited as they queued for what they consider the funnest game of all. Being such patient little monsters, they lined up and mucked around for the camera as I searched the house for my missing piñata stick. Unable to find it, I instead opted for a softball bat.

Riley was first, followed by Brett, who, coupled with brute strength, a thinner than average piñata, a great hulking softball bat and a lucky dead-centre smack, the piñata cracked open on his first hit.

Thankfully, the 20+ kids queued for a go, didn't dissolve in tears and instead found solace in the mass of candy tumbling onto the grass.

So... having survived that disappointment with minimal wrath, here are my tips for making the perfect smashable piñata...

Presuming you are using glue made from cornflour (cornstarch) and water, make the piñata with about 4 layers of paper (not including your cover paper).

Use thick string or ribbon to hang it. DO NOT use a baseball, softball or t-ball bat.

Consider blindfolding the kids to make the rounds of hitting go longer.

Limit each turn to three swings (not three hits).

Line up your kids in order of strength and competence.

Littlies first.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your pinata looks fantastic! I've never made one before but I may just have to follow your tips and try one out!

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