Martha Stewart is following me on Twitter!!!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

OMG. I am turning purple, pink, green and blue. Just checked my email once more before going out to tell the kids the bad news that it's Time for Bed and my inbox bleeped and I looked at the third message down and it was like the heavens descended and rested their angelic hands on my head.

There, in my inbox was the advice, thanks to the good people at Twitter, that Martha Stewart - the real, wonderful, amazing Martha Stewart - is following ME!

OMG OMG OMG! of course, I then tweeted and said something stupid like "OMG! I LOVE YOU MARTHA!" like a crazed maniac, so she is now probably unfollowing me. But I am just in heavenly heavens of heavens.

Did I tell you I am in heaven? For two months now, I've had it all - a wonderful husband, two gorgeous kids, glorious friends, a KitchenAid and doing the work that I love. But there was one thing missing...

But now I am truly complete.

Off to hyperventilate. I think I need a lie down.

Love you, Martha!!


ensparkle ceramics said...

Bloody fantastic Tania!

Bet that big smile will be all over your face for days to come :-)

Well done

Helen x

Gifts Created said...

You crack me up girl. I'm a Martha lover too your not alone!

Green Mama said...

That is awesome! A couple of years ago I met George Negus at a Writers Festival I was working at, and I had prepared something incredibly insightful to say to him. When the moment came and I introduced myself I stuffed up my own name, giggled, blushed and said 'gotta go'

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