Electronic Mail in Scented Envelopes

Monday, 23 August 2010

Remember the days when a scented Holly Hobbie envelope would arrive in the letter box and you'd run to your room and hide and open it and devour every word from your long lost school friend who moved away or your pen pal in Korea or your really cool older cousin?

Ahh. Those were the days. But it's nowadays now and yesterday I set up an email account for my seven-year-old son Riley. (Ella has had an account for a while now - she is ten, after all.) It was so much fun to see Riley scanning his inbox for any messages (even though the only one in residence was a 'Welcome to Yahoo') - just as I did the real life letter box when I was young.

I've since sent him several emails and Dad and Ella have, too - so much fun for him to check his mail and respond with a lovely reply email, chock full of smiley emoticons.

Kinda makes me feel old seeing his electronic mail glee. I mean, it's fun, but it's also a little sad he can't feel the excitement of opening the letter box. Of the paper envelope yielding in his hands as he tears off a corner for a peek. As he retrieves the note inside, reads it, absorbs it and sticks in on the fridge with magnets.

Why don't you send your children an email today? Or better yet, why not send them a real life note in a scented envelope? Send it to your home address and watch their little hearts race as they tear through that paper and hold that note close to their chests.

Go on. I dare you.


Green Mama said...

Lovely post, Tania. My cherub (3.5years) absolutely loves getting mail- and it is an extra thrill when the postie hands it to her directly. Both cherubs are spending the day with my mother-in-law today so I think I will take you up on your dare! Thank you

Anonymous said...

Great idea Tan. Conor loves getting mail and he too has just set up an email account and nothing in the inbox either!!!
Shirl x

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