Monday, 30 August 2010

for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
International Conference, Sydney 2019

I currently work in watercolour, gouache, ink and pencil, as well as digital art mediums. Since 2014, when I reconnected with illustration after a 25-year hiatus, I have produced two maps and four books, with another 7 books in production. Most are picture books, with a junior fiction series (line drawings) in the works.

Hardie Grant Travel, June 2018

Hardie Grant Travel, Dec 2017

no.2 The Conservatory, The Flora Series, 2018

no.3 The Flower Girl, The Flora Series, 2018

no.4 The Leaf Fairy, The Flora Series, 2018
no.5 The Bonnet, The Flora Series, 2018

no.6 The Book, The Flora Series, 2018

no.7 The Seamstress, The Flora Series, 2018

above photos by anaturallyabundantlife

no.8 The Flamenco, The Flora Series, 2018

no.9 The Leaf Dress, The Flora Series, 2018

no.10 The Hair, The Flora Series, 2018

Lizzy, commission, Apr 2018

no.2 T-Shirt Bear, A Bear a Day, Jan - Mar 2018

no.7 Pork Pie Bear, A Bear a Day, Jan - Mar 2018

no.46 Flower Crown Bear, A Bear a Day, Jan - Mar 2018

no.82 Hibernating Bear, A Bear a Day, Jan - Mar 2018

no.90 Bear Hat Bear, A Bear a Day, Jan - Mar 2018

from Mamie, HarperCollins, Nov 2018

for A Fleur a Day auction on Instagram, Sep 2018

for a National Library of Australia book (April 2019)

a book for the National Library of Australia (2019)


from Evie and Pog, WIP, HarperCollins Children's Books

various event posters

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