I'm Loving... Thoughtful Things

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Look at this magnificent gift I received this week from Jennie of Posie fame - all the way from the streets of Venice - sigh. It's a gorgeous stamp with the initial T on it - such a beautiful and simple gift but one that will be so treasured.

I also had the most gorgeous gift in the mail from my friend Mary Rose - take a look at these stunning tea sachets - have you ever seen anything like them? Encased in a paper pyramid with a little green leaf poking out the top, I've had them decorating my desk space for a week or two and think it's about time I actually stopped staring at them and put them into a cup for a good soak. I can't wait to enjoy the Orchid Vanilla, Black Currant and African Solstice.

Aren't these small things in life so precious? I've been feeling exhausted, emotional and been suffering chronic back pain since the completion of handmade living (not to mention more than my fair share of drama and people-niggles), and it's these teensy, thoughtful things - along with that odd text, that sweet email, that little cuddle - that make things so much better.

Here's to the tiny things in life.


Greg Alder said...

Two gorgeous gifts. For one gorgeous girl

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh darling, only just catching up on your blog, pleasure my gorgeous one, love Posie

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