lovely things on my desk this morning

Monday, 8 November 2010

A girl always needs lovely things on her desk - to pep up the working environment. Not only do I have a gorgeous pile of new Riley and the Curious Koala books, I also have a beautiful mug which was Secret-Santa'd to me last week by the lovely Candice (shhh... it was meant to be a secret!) showcasing native fuchsia from the Botanical Gardens.

It sits alongside a ceramic bulb dish filled with my favourite cards, framed retro Paris fabric and a tube of chocolate pudding lip shine.

The other lovely thing is a pipe cleaner Christmas tree creation I worked on with Ella over the weekend... made from a series of pipcleaner 'snowflakes'. A teensy bit time-consuming, but look how gorgeous the result! A miniature tree sitting snugly inside a cotton reel.

It sits alongside my beautiful Riley plate (thanks to the lovely Paula), my wooden block set of NYC and my Chinese star constellation globe.

What do you have on your desk that you love?

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Tiaras said...

too lovely! ha ha - my desk has "drawing" form my kids, sricky notes for calls next week, the kids lunch menus for Dec and an AG (American Girl ) catalog - oh and of course, my camera! Nothing as pretty as yours. I need to spiff it up in here!

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