Handmade Market and Book Launch!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Biggest. Market. Ever. But there's nothing that can keep punters away from Handmade, not even lousy weather and mudpits underfoot.

Saturday started out gloomy with spots of breaking sunshine and even a sliver of far distant blue sky, and - miraculously - the scattered rain that was forecast stayed away COMPLETELY until around 5pm with a teesy rain shower, before gathering up resources and crashing down around 6.30pm, when over 150 stallholders made a mad dash to pack up. What a day of virtually rain-free magic!

But did the threat of rain stop the crowds? Oh no no no. I may have been permanently tied to the handmade living marquee, but the few times I did wander into the grounds, I could not even see for the people covering the grounds and pathways. Stallholders were manic, everyone was smiling, there was laughter, music, product flying off tables, there was even a line for the handmade living marquee on at least 20 occasions. It was absolutely magical.

I headed up the handmade living marquee, and, despite wearing gumboots and standing in a mud puddle for most of the day, had nonstop handmade living buyers all day. I think I quite literally sat down for two minutes in the space of 11 hours.

What a way to launch a book! I'm so very proud of this production.


Michelle said...

oh wow! so so so much yumminess!!!!

mrssewandsos said...

Looking at these gorgeous photos makes me sad that I didn't get a chance to look around either:( But I LOVED being in the handmade living. marquee with all those gorgeous designers and customers! Thanks for this lovely post Tania, Lou x

Dani said...

mmmm...Feb 19 hey? That rings a bell!

Cat said...

Are you kidding me with all that fabulousness. It's a feast!!!!!!! So wish I had ruby reds and could join in on these fun things. :) x

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

WOW!!! How fabulous is that, look at all those people just waiting for your fabulous book! I have so many things I want to try out of the book!
I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your stall! What is that blossom thingy??? I want one! And at some point in MY LIFE - I will attend one of these markets!!!!! TB

Anonymous said...

I so wished I could have been there to wander around, a bit like "Alice in Wonderland". Everything looks amazing!!!!
Shirl x

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