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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

You're not going to believe this, so here's photographic evidence. Yes, I actually leave the house [read: the computer].

On a jaunt to my home town of Melbourne to spend Christmas with the inlaws, I was not only spoiled and adored and flush with bliss at spending time watching my kids smile (and then bury their heads in their iPads), I also met up with an old friend or two - one of them my dear and most darling Kids Book Review counterpart, Megan Blandford.

Megan heads up a fabulous blog called Writing Out Loud, and also happens to be my tireless partner over at KBR, not to mention my co-author on a fabulous new travel series for kids (publication pending). It was with much joy that Megan and I finally met in person last week at the sensational Carlton café and Melbourne icon Brunetti.

Yes yes - here is the evidence that our wonderful relationship is no longer a virtual one (like so many these days). Here is the coffee, the cake, the tea...

And the smiles. And yes, Megan is everything I thought she would be - and more. It was such a wonderful (and very chatty!) few hours.

Megan and I were also really fortunate to {finally!} meet super-talented and all-round-super-guy Paul Collins of Ford Street Publishing. Not only did Paul welcome us into his stunning home where we sipped coffee with his lovely partner and prolific children's writer Meredith Costain, he also took us for an absolutely sensational lunch where we talked publishing and books and laughed until our bellies ached.

What a special Christmas gift. It's always so nice to meet new friends that really turn out to be old friends once you finally meet.


Susan Fittler said...

I looked at the sweets Tania & thought "Brunetti"! how's that! Susan Fittler

Megan Blandford said...

And what a day it was! I laughed and laughed, and so enjoyed meeting you Tania. It was this weird feeling of knowing you, yet meeting you for the first time - so surreal.

I'm so lucky to know you, my wonderful friend. xx

Justine from BaldiBearART said...

what a gorgeous post! I have made some great virtual friends through my online business travels so I can understand the joy of meeting in person. Lovely Lovely Lovely :)

Posie Patchwork said...

How fantastic to meet up with those amazing people, you look & sound like you had a blast!! Me no compute - you married an Irishmen, who are the Melbourne in-laws?? Love Posie

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