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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Ok, so they may not be les macarons de Ladurée à Paris, but my son Riley and I gave these gorgeous treats a good old go today... following the recipe provided by the lovely Heidi of The Curious Chocolatier here in Canberra. Heidi's stunning macaron recipe appears in handmade living...

No, our macarons do NOT look like hers! but it was a first try, so we shall have to keep at it before we can call ourselves patissiers! Nevertheless, it was so much fun trying, and the agony of wondering whether they'll turn out 'right' soon left us when we saw these little pouches puffing up in the oven.

We actually made two batches - tinted one orange but the added extra food colouring (we started with a full batch of pink then added yellow) was just too much liquid for the delicate batter and the biscuits ended up too flat. Lesson learned.

Another thing I would do differently is whip them out of the oven before they start to brown - you can see our lovely pink domes have started to develop a wee bit of a tan.

But inside was truly mesmerising - moist and luscious, with that lovely gentle egg-crisp exterior and that puff of delicious buttery cream inside - tinted purple with puréed blueberries.

So this is officially my first creation from handmade living! Love.

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