oh what a lovely day

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Okay, so I'm having a bit of a gooey birthday moment. Just home from a fabulous day at Handmade Market, with the sweetest market neighbours one ever could want, the opp to meet new people and catch up with old and adorable friends, and ogle new product and have my darling daughter with me for the first time at a market, all day.

We chatted, we eyed off the hobbie horses and the bling and the brooches and the screen printed fabric, then we gobbled pARTy cakes cupcakes then we sold and signed lots of books. Then we came home and I walked into a spotless house, with red roses, red bubbles, books and journals on the bench. Ahhh... Then it was onto the computer to download photos (have a bit of a photo obsession, me) and a barrage of emails and fb wishes from lovelies all over the globe, with me smiling through my tears.

So so so so sweet and so warming of the heart and it never fails to astound me what a fortunate person I am to have such loveliness in my life.

Husband has gone to get gourmet fush n chups (in honour of our recent trip across The Ditch) and we're about to snuggle for a fabuloso movie on the couch.

Perfect birthday. And a big happy birthday, too, to Sharni and that Vietnamese Dude - wherever he may be.



Through the looking glass said...

You deserve it hun!! xxx

Sharnanigans said...

Ha right back at you Tania and Vietnamese Dude! We are a special trio! xx

Shimi said...

Happy Birthday - sounds like the perfect day. Sometimes the simple pleasures in life like fish and chips are the best.

Jen & Row

Tania McCartney said...

Thanks beautiful girls! xxx

Dani said...

Should I go visit the Vietnamese Dude and sing him happy birthday? I've had a half a bottle to pinot so can do if required! Hope you day has been magical! XXX

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