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Monday, 11 April 2011

Beat The Bunny to his chocolate egg trail with these wonderful decorating ideas this Easter. Just make sure little baby rabbits (or big ones) don't end up nibbling on the spoils.

  egg blossoms.

Instead of flowers in the house, why not create a posy of chocolate tulips to tempt little passers-by?

Wind thin satin ribbon around a 20cm piece of wire, dabbing with glue to secure. Leave a 4 - 5cm end bare of ribbon, depending on the egg size. Carefully slide egg onto wire, as before. Arrange in a vase with Easter-themed friends close-by. Add fluffy white ostrich plumes or sprigs of greenery for a different look.

  blooming eggs.

The kids will love this easy project – they can adorn their rooms with Easter egg flowers!

15 gauge wire
green tissue paper
coloured paper
1mm hole punch
large needle

Cut 1cm strips of green tissue paper and wind around a 20cm length of wire, gluing at intervals to keep in place. Leave one end unwrapped by 2 - 5cm, depending on the size of your egg. Draw a heart template to desired size and trace onto coloured paper. Experiment with different types of paper – vellum and printed papers look adorable.

Cut out 4 – 5 hearts per flower, more if you want to give the flower depth. Fold each heart down the centre to give shape to petals, then punch a hole at the bottom of each heart and thread them onto stem. Dab glue on undersides of petals and press them together into desired flower shape. Trace leaf shapes onto green tissue paper and glue to stem.

Using the needle and a twisting motion, carefully poke a hole in the underside of your egg and slide in the wire. Flowers look gorgeous in the garden bed or a flower pot filled with grass. If the eggs won’t be eaten within a few hours, consider leaving the eggs wrapped in their foil. (below)

~photos Tania McCartney~

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