autumn in canberra

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Canberra is such a beautiful place in autumn. The days cool quickly but they’re soon set on fire with an astonishing display of autumnal leaves in all the colours of warm. We love wading through fallen leaves around Lake Burley Griffin and running against the biting breezes that scoop off the lake.

Meandering around our beautiful city is also a great excuse to start taking photos for my next Riley book - yes, you're reading it here first - the fifth book in the series will be set in Canberra and will involve a certain kangaroo. I love how this book will be released in time for the Centenary of our capital - 100 years, my how they've flown!

Here is a picture I'll be using in the book - I wonder who will find themselves perched on this bench, thanks to the talents of illustrator Kieron Pratt. You shall just have to wait and see!


dixiebelle said...

I particularly love the second photo... I have just been taking Autumn photos today too, to blog about how lovely Canberra looks at the moment! Having only been here 3 years, am still excited by the changing colours a new season brings...

Tiaras said...

gorgeous - I still can not wrap my brain around why I never though it was anything but hot as hades in AUS?? I'm going to do a unit on AUS soon for the kids so we can discover all about your lovely country!

Tania McCartney said...

T - the only place hot as Hades permanently is the top quarter of Australia. Then the other quarters go 'sup tropical', 'four seasons' and 'bloody freezing' all the way down to Tassie.

We have mountains, we have desert, we have rainforest, we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We have high plains, low plains, tundra, rolling hills, farmland, wetlands, divine country towns, and world class cities.

We have skiing, snorkelling and some of the best diving and surfing anywhere on the planet. We have hiking, climbing, sailing, all manner of sports including strolling, meandering and of course - shopping and dancing!

I'm telling you - you need to come to Aus!


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