gungahlin library community day

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Oh my, you should see the gorgeous new Gungahlin Library here in Canberra - absolutely beautiful - and absolutely packed with Community Day celebrations (the new library is just part of an entire new setup, including a CIT college and community centre).

Canberra weatherman Mark Carmody was on hand to interview local authors Jack Heath, Ingrid Jonach and I in the grand foyer of the library, closely followed by an interview with Canberra Raiders player, David Shillington.

We then adjourned to a meet-and-greet area where we chatted with some kids and local book lovers, and caught up on each others' lives, which was so lovely.

Thank you to Kerri Buckley for inviting us!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pic of you Tan! Shirl x

Rosalind said...

we can't wait to get there and see it! we were away this weekend

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