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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

One of my very best girlfriends has been travelling for two months and recently returned to her Queensland home. She's still far too far away from me, but our long email liaisons have resumed and the joy of it all feels like the longest sip of the most divine, comforting milky tea.

It's heart-warming to have precious, lengthy friendships - those deeply-embedded gems that are rich with light and love. The life of many a modern woman is a whirlwind of social networking and faceless, snippety interaction, that - whilst enriching in so many ways - sort of ends up like the froth sitting on the top of a very strong latte. It's great fun and can be really lovely, but one short puff and it's blown away.

My girlfriend is not only the rich coffee grinds at the base of my coffee cup, she swirls right up through the milk and even peppers the fantastically fun froth on top. She is full-bodied and permeating on every level. Having her home has reminded me that there is nothing like being completely understood, completely adored and... complete.

Welcome home, Mez. I've missed you.

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