book hyperventilation

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Just to prove to you how ridiculously and shameless obsessed I am with books - with BEAUTIFUL books - here is a peek at a stash I was sent by one of my new favourite publishers - Thames Hudson.

O. M. G.

Call me jaded, but I receive dozens of books monthly for review on Kids Book Review and Australian Women Online and although my heart pitter patters over almost every book I hold in my hands, it's pretty rare nowadays that I start hyperventilating as I haul the books from carton.

But this Thames Hudson treasure book... one after another - shockingly and heart-stoppingly gorgeous - wham! bam! kapow!

I seriously had to grab a brown paper bag and have a lie down.

Oh! I just can't WAIT to pore over these divine tomes and report to ravenous readers on what joys they will find within this trove. Make sure you head to KBR and AWO to see my reviews of these books - and a kabillion other books, too - both my own reviews and those of my partners Megan Blandford and Kelly Morton.

Book bliss! What is your obsession?

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