mochi mochi - japanese autumn moon festival

Saturday, 15 October 2011

When we visited Japan in 2007, we happened to visit in the most divine month of September, when summer is peeling back its lingering layers of heat, and the tang of autumn is in the air.

Of all the myriad delights I fell in love with in Japan, sweet mochi balls remain one of my very favourites. Almost a cross between a marshmallow and a jelly, their texture is out of this world. Filled with all manner of sweet fruit, they come in a wash of pastel colours, dusted lightly in cornflour and so squishable, you'd think they were filled with air.

Today at the fresh food market, I spied these stunning fruity orbs at the Asian food store - and had to have some in every colour. These are the authentic mochi from Japan - rife at this time of year, and only available for a short time.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if more unique treats were available at exclusive points through the year? Why have hot cross buns in January or Christmas puddings in September? Exclusivity makes everything so much more special, does it not?


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh divine, check out that amazing pedestal they are sitting on!! Love Posie

Silverdragon said...

Tania - I posted pics of your mochi balls on Pinterest, which is like an electronic pin-board (see and they have had so many likes! Of course I linked back to your blog. It's a great spot to save images of things you like for later reference or inspiration (and your blog inspires me a lot). :)

Tania McCartney said...

Aw thanks - that's so sweet! So mochi!

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