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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Here is another snaffle from the Martha Stewart website - forgive me but I'm over the 'homemade' toddler project stuff - not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that those days are over in our house and it's time for some sophistication (which Martha does so well!).

I remember these adorable button ornaments from her magazine many, many Christmasses ago, and was reminded of them via the website. Just too cute.

You'll need buttons of varying shapes and sizes, felt, glue and pipe cleaners. Start by laying out your planned buttons, in order.

Fold the pipe cleaner in half and thread it through the top button. Start adding buttons in order until you reach the bottom.

Twist off the bottom and cut it close to the base. Cut arms around 6cm long and twist around the body. Add little buttons on the ends, if desired.

You could also add a little felt beard with glue, or angel wings, or wool hair or whatever else takes your fancy.

Hang your ornaments with thread or stand them in a festive scene. Just delightful.

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