Sunday, 29 January 2012

Yesterday I spoke with a very wise friend and local franchise owner. He is the type of person who is smart, thoughtful, creative and dedicated. He is someone impassioned by his work. We got to chatting about business and about the year ahead and he got me thinking on a few different levels than I normally do.

I mean, I've started 2012 out well, and have had a couple of really special, productive much more balanced months of late, but Steve cottoned onto the fact that I'm starting to sweat. Why? Because the kids are about to go back to school and I'm staring down the barrel of yet 'another year' of perhaps doing too much, doing too much that's not working for me, doing too much time-wasting, and even perhaps - not achieving what it is I REALLY want to achieve.

But what is it that I really want to achieve? Really? I mean, I have a firm outline of all I have to get done, all my deadlines, all my events and plans - I know what it is I need to do and have to accomplish. And all of these things bring me joy.

BUT - what is it that I really want to do? What do I hold clutched in the fist of my dreams? What pie-in-the-sky desires do I have {that most of us have} that I'm leaving up there in their pie-in-the-sky state, mistakenly thinking 'one day - maybe' {and usually followed by something like 'if a, b and c fall into place'}.

These desires don't even need to be big. Or work-related. They could be learning something new. Taking up something you used to love. Giving yourself more time to just Be. Pie-in-the-sky goals could be directing a Hollywood blockbuster or... growing heirloom tomatoes.

Steve actually asked me about my pie-in-the-skies and I said to him that these things only really happen to rich or famous or really well-established people. But then - what is rich, what is famous, what is well-established?

So, today I am dedicating some thought time to both thinking about, and writing down, my dreams. Actually - not dreams - goals. For this year. 2012. I'm not saying I'll achieve them this year, but I can certainly start consciously working towards them.

Working towards our goals means we are in the pilot seat. We are driving our own life in the direction of the pie {up there in the sky}. We are maximising our hours by honing and directing our energy, not diversifying too much and so losing power and energy. We are finding more balance. We are happier, more focused, more driven by doing what we love. And if we do it well, we might even honour ourselves enough to leave pockets of time for just BEING.

Right now, I'm doing lots lots lots, but am I growing heirloom tomatoes? No. I absolutely love what I do and I love my life - but is it my absolute pie-in-the-sky? Maybe not.

What about you?


Silverdragon said...

I love heirloom tomatoes! When you're all established, I may ask to come and sit at your feet (and maybe nick some seeds!). :)

Tania McCartney said...

Or maybe I could sit at your feet, with my heirloom tomato offering?

Silverdragon said...

Perhaps we can compromise and sit together and taste them. :)

Renee Taprell said...

I enjoyed reading your post so much, Tania that I read it a few times. I have so many goals this year but amazingly I haven't written them down. I created a digital vision page of photos at the end of 2011 about what I hope to achieve in 2012.

Thanks for the inspiration. I'm off to write my goals and update my vision page.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tania what an inspiring post! I must admit I am grieving (almost) the end of the holidays and my time with the kids in this relaxed way being over. I have many dreams ad goals for 2012 swimming about in my head...time to write them down and how I am going to achieve them. Thank you so much for your very timely post.

cheeky textiles said...

Hi Tania enjoyed reading your thoughts. keep up all your lovely work. love your photo's . enjoy this last week with the children. Stacey

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