life's sweet little moments

Friday, 27 January 2012

The other day, a little fairy knocked at our door, bearing be-sprinkled cupcakes. It was our poppet of a next door neighbour - Emmy - toting a pink plastic plate with some adorable little treasures she'd made using the cupcake set and book I gave her for her last birthday.

It was just the sweetest surprise and really made my day.

Sure - cupcakes are always make-your-day worthy, but it was a) the fact that she had baked, iced and sprinkled and b) that she had thought to bring us a sample of her creations, that was the true icing on the cupcake.

Another sweet moment was when Riley decided that from now on, he would make my usual morning coffee FOR me. He adores plopping that pod into the machine, whirring it into life, sploshing in the milk and even warming it in the microwave. A small gesture, but one done with love and thoughtfulness that make my coffee even sweeter (no sugar added).

What sweet little moments have happened in your life this week?

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