baking up a storm on Static-Free Saturday

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Yesterday, we started a new tradition in our family. Static-Free Saturday. It's a day where checking urgent emails and a quick social networking is okay, if need be - but no electronic gaming is allowed. Reading an online magazine is okay - researching online is alright. But no mindless game-playing. This includes computer, wii, iPad, phone, DS and any other device that can be used for gaming.

The aim of Static-Free Saturday is to encourage the kids (and ourselves) to choose other forms of play. Whether it be kicking a ball, shooting hoops, sewing, colouring in, building, gardening, watching a film or baking - it has to be static free.

Our first Static-Free Saturday was interesting. We were all a little lost at first. Riley nipped out with Dad for soccer and AFL, and Ella and I just sort of looked at each other and snuggled on the couch to watch Tabatha Take Over. But soon, we were off that couch and we hit our stride - baking up a bakery's worth of goodies. You should have seen the kitchen. It was flour-locked.

We made brownies, we made jam slice, we made red velvet cupcakes, we made melting moments - and we made all the fillings and icings by hand. We even put the fruit on to soak in cherry brandy, and today will whip up a fat, juicy fruitcake.

It's so easy to become stuck in a virtual world, where real living is put on the backburner. Coupled with our high-tech work and school environments, I am sorely craving an earthly connection - you know - walks in nature, gardening, creating, boardgames, baking. I feel compelled to help my kids keep that earthly balance in a world that consistently pushes us towards the stratosphere.

I loved our first Static-Free Saturday. It may have suffered a rusty start and a few 'I'm bored's here or there, but I'm hoping that very very soon it will become our family's favourite day of the week.

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Nina Lim said...

Brilliant idea - love it!

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