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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Whilst visiting Sydney and the South Coast last week, I had the immense pleasure of presenting at Pleasant Heights Public School in Wollongong. The gorgeous Bel Ecroyd and her colleagues went out of their way to make my visit incredibly warm and happy - and the kids were absolutely gorgeous. They asked some sensational questions and it was a joy to meet so many of them and have a chat.

The students had done a series of incredible posters and illustrations that were plastered all over the walls of the hall. There are too many to list here! but you can see from the images at the end of this post how utterly talented these kids are. I had tears in my eyes! Thank you, kids, for creating such stunning artwork; I absolutely loved it and I'll be adding these to my Riley the Little Aviator site soon!

Here are just some of the many photos of my History is Cool! presentations for Australian Story - I have such fun with kids during these presentations; they get so engaged and love the interactivity as much as I do! The most embarrassing part of the visit was when I handed a massive chunk of VERY heavy gold (that I could barely lift) to one little girl and she just walked away with it like it was made of paper. Embarrassment. I guess I have to get to the gym.

Warmest thanks to Dahlia and Bel and the wonderful team at Pleasant Heights PS - such a gorgeous school with such an amazing setting; as we were driving up the hill to the school, Riley commented on how lucky these kids were to have a school right in the middle of a 'rainforest'! Yes, it's that beautiful.

{CLICK to enlarge these fabulous pics}

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