mini masterpieces - part two

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Mini Masterpieces book for Ella is coming along nicely. Don't you just love the front cover template? I spent the weekend uploading a bunch of images of Ella when she was little - painting, drawing, sculpting, smooshing - and I also spent inordinate hours scanning in her artwork.

This can be a little difficult if you need to scan mega sheets of paintings and spatterings, and you only have an A5 scanner. For many of her paintings, I needed to scan them in two parts. I then took the two images and pasted them together in Adobe Illustrator, screenshot the image (or you can save as jpeg, but this means you can't trim the saved jpeg, as it goes blank) and pasted it into Paint. I then saved as a jpeg and trimmed the image.

Make sure you save your images as 300DPi, otherwise you'll be unable to print full pages of each image, if that's your desire. This mini masterpieces book ends up 12 x 12 inches, so it's rather large.

I've kept this size in mind as I've begun laying out the pages. Some page templates allow you to fit a heap of images - and I worried that some would come out too small, but remember you have lots of space to play with. More on these layouts soon.

So here is the cover of the book - front and back - what do you think? I wanted an action shot of Ella painting - so here she is around 2.5 years old on our back patio in our old Melbourne house. I really liked the preset design for the cover, so didn't change it much. You can, though, change it up if you want to.

The book's title is THE WORLD ACCORDING TO ME, and I added a subtitle on the spine 'By Ella, age 1 - 10'. I've since changed that to age 1 - 8. She produced a lot of art!

Some internal pages soon.

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Posie Patchwork said...

Oh boy can they produce a tonne of art. Look at that beautiful child, she's always been delicate & precise!! Love Posie

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