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Friday, 27 July 2012

What a lovely couple of days I've had; days like this remind you how glorious life is - how inspiring and heartwarming.

It all started with my beautiful Ella Bella's birthday yesterday. She's a girl of simple needs - anything horse and a spaghetti bolognaise dinner followed by raspberry mudcake. Perfect. As I tucked her into bed last night, she said to me "oh mum, this was the best birthday ever". Gorgeous girl.

Then today I dashed out the door early for a long overdue catch up with dear friend Jennie McClelland (of Posie fame). We exchanged goodies, as we are wont to do, and I was a little verklempt at one of Donna Hay's latest offerings. Jennie had enjoyed a General Store shop in Sydney recently and (quite rightly) knew I could not live without feasting my eyes on these stunning floral cupcake papers.

I mean, how could you go without? I'm hoping to make them as recyclable as possible, or I could just put the box on my desk and stare at it for the next 18 months.

She also gave me two treasure boxes to give to Ella for her birthday - but even I'm not sure what's inside - we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, would we?

And speaking of treasures, Jennie's young fashionista daughter gave me this gorgeous little thank you note and hand-made heart, which I will adore with all my heart. Is this not special? She's only 10.

I'm trying not to shop of late, but can never resist a little peruse with Jennie. Of course, it was straight to Seed, and these amazing Olympic (chocolate!) medals just had to come home with me - not to mention these mini chocolate world globes - sooo cute. We're having a little London Olympics shindig tonight (more on this later) and I'll be using the cupcake papers and picks (top of page) for cupcakes this weekend. They're from Pepe's Paperie.

But back to Seed . . . I'm always on the lookout for Christmas presents, and was thrilled to come across Henri's Walk to Paris, which I've been trying to find online. I collect travel picture books for my kids and it's a truly stunning book. I also found these amazing gumballs from the Seed Candy range - perfect for stocking stuffing.

I snaffled some wonderful stocking stuffers at Typo, too. Just loving these adorable speech bubble stickers, these teensy envelopes any little girl (or big girl) would love, and how cool is this writing pad? When the paper is scrunched, it becomes a soccer ball!

After my lovely shop with Jennie, I dashed off to Koko Black for a coffee and catch up with two lovely authors - my local friend Tracey Hawkins, and Pamela Rushby who was in town on her May Gibb's fellowship. I wonder if you can guess what we talked about? Any excuse to talk books and share what we're working on next. It was truly wonderful.

Tracey gave me a copy of her gorgeous picture book - Max Meets A Monster - and I can't wait to review it on Kids Book Review. She even gave me her signature Max torches for the kids. We'll be up all hours during the Games, so will be needing these to sneak through the night to the tele!

Dashing off, hepped up on three morning coffees (guess who won't be sleeping tonight!?), I dropped a stack of books off to Libraries ACT and my local post office, then shopped for London Olympics goodies for tonight. Of course - this had to come home with me . . .

I'll serve it with lemonade and ginger ale over lots of ice, studded with slices of orange and apple. The quintessential Brit drink. The kids will have pink lemonade.

On my way home, I picked up a copy of the latest Big Issue (why don't you grab yourself one?) and had a lovely chat with the seller before scooting home to unload my loot.

What a fabulous day. The idiots on the road even seemed to behave better today and everyone was in good spirits. I hope your day has been fun, too.

Will post tomorrow on our Olympics shindig. Aussie Aussie Aussie!


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh darling, what a lovely day. I knew you'd love those pretty wrappers, they were made for you!! Best wishes to Ella, i know you'll squeal once you pop open those boxes, i mean, Ella does!!
Gosh how much fun was shopping, i also tripped to Kikki-K & picked up a sequin number for my first born in Witchery, Ok, a tulle skirt too for my middle daughter & a scarf for me too. Shopping tart!!
After volleyball this afternoon, i was lumped in with the peak traffic, all the maniacs were heading north with me sorry & seeing my husband took 3 of our children in a different car in a different direction - he watched maniacs mount kerbs to get around slower moving cars!! Funnily enough, we BOTH talked to the children about bad drivers!!
Now to tattoo my children!! Love Posie

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Olympic fever, yes please!! Love Posie

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