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Saturday, 17 November 2012

what kids say.

I loved your presentation - very funny!

It was amazing.

I thought it was funny, like your books! They are cool books!

It was funny, fun and there was a lot of information.

You rock!

You are awesome. (insert pic of love heart here)

I loved your visit!!! I never knew history could be fun!!! I hope your writing career goes well and hope to see you back at our Yarra Valley Grammar.

You're cool.

I like your earrings.

Thank you so much for your visit. Best morning. Very interesting.

When you made your book, it was creative and interesting.

I like how you interacted with us.

I love your books. Hope you make more.

Your presentation was awesome!

You are a really funny person.

I love you.

I think your books are great, magnificent but for a younger age. Thank you for visiting.

I'm speechless, your presentation was great!!

It was good and wasn't boring at all!!

You're so funny.

I think your books are great but maybe you could make a few books for older kids. (Tania: In process!)

what grown-ups say.

The opportunity to connect with Tania for a portfolio assessment is one not to be overlooked. Detailed, professional, and thoughtful, Tania's comments shed light on how better to approach my illustrations with specific examples to improve the art, an excellent breakdown of what was working, what wasn't, and how it could be improved, suggestions for creating a more polished portfolio, and, importantly, lots of encouragement - all of which is exactly what I needed - Cate Whittle, author and illustrator on L-plates

I’m thrilled with my portfolio critique from Tania. She recognised my strengths and weaknesses and tailored the session to suit my needs. Her open and honest advice has given me strong direction, inspiration and a challenging but achievable to-do list to help me progress my illustration career. - Amie Sabadin, illustrator

Tania McCartney is a well-known author of children's books and she should be commended for her growing body of work. As well as writing, she also runs a highly respected website which promotes and reviews children's books and their creators. She is always up to date with the latest books and the latest news in the children's book industry and as an advocate for the field, is impressive, experienced and energetic. As a presenter or workshop facilitator, she [is] informative, entertaining and highly professional. - Margaret Hamilton, AM

Tania's Kids' Book Review places her in the heart of children's literature. Her own work is both diverse and superb. The combination of author, editor, publisher and her broad knowledge of the latest trends in Australian children's literature expertise creates a unique viewpoint, presented with style, passion, and energy, lending itself to a wide range of panels and workshops. It is fascinating to speak in sessions with her, and I hope to many times again. - Jackie French, author 

Thanks again for your positive energy and enthusiasm for literacy. I certainly appreciate it and I shamelessly encourage our  community to do so, too.
- Odette Holweg, Forrest Park Primary School, Canberra

Tania is a fantastic storyteller who won the adoration of our little ones at Storytime. We would love another visit! - Paul McDonald from The Children's Bookshop, Sydney

We want to thank you for such a wonderful presentation. There was a real buzz and I have had many lovely comments from teachers commenting on how engaging you were with the children and how responsive they were. - Heather Govender, Latham Primary School, Canberra

The [kids were] engaged with your brilliant presentation - Roslyn Woods, Namagdi School, Canberra

Your presentation today was captivating. You have such a lovely gift - thank you for sharing it! - Jaclyn Green, St Francis of Assisi Primary, Canberra

Many thanks again for the brilliant day that you gave to our students and staff – so many comments regarding your lovely way with the children. - Wendy Andrews, Yarra Valley Grammar, Melbourne

It was an absolute pleasure to have you come in and talk about your lovely book. - Steph from Black Cat Books, Brisbane

Tania McCartney is a regular visitor at our school and has captivated her audience every visit. Tania is always well-prepared, is able to connect with her audience and is more than capable of controlling the crowd. Teachers are always thrilled with her presentations and students talk about her sessions for days afterwards. Tania is always professional and is welcome at our school anytime. - Rachael Hind, Teacher Librarian, St Monica's Primary School 

just some of the adult workshop comments.

Enthusiastic! Terrific knowledge of her subject.

Engaging, very well-prepared, lots of visuals.

Best feature of the workshop? The author!

Energetic, vivacious, inspiring, funny. A joy. Thank you for the opportunity.


Tania's knowledge and personality are awesome.


She was awesome, extremely professional.

Best part was meeting Tania, and her tips. Great.

Interactive. Informative.

Great content, excellent presenter.

Tania's knowledge, presenter skills and energy were the best, as was the content relevance and interactivity.

Very engaging.


Covered a great deal in the short time. Very personable – awesome!

Very glad I came, thanks Tania!

Really enjoyed – met all of my expectations. Thank you!

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