Friday 7 December 2012
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my illustrations.
In 2014, I began revisiting my love of illustration, and my very first self-illustrated picture book was published in November 2016 (Australia Illustrated). See some of my works on Pinterest, right here and to view/download my current portfolio email me here.

In The Happy Book, I share with you over thirty years of writing and publishing experience. This is where you'll find insights, insider info, interviews and inspiration to take with you on your kids' book journey. I discuss the publication journey in all its incarnations—from baby books to young adult literature—from emerging status right through to taking your career up a level.
literary love.
If you're an unabashed book lover and/or writer, head to my main website for some industry-specific stuff or see my BOOKS label. There's also of course, my baby ... Kids' Book Review.

52-week illustration challenge.

When I founded the 52-Week Illustration Challenge in 2014, I never dreamed it would become what it has today. We now have around 4000 members and things got so busy, Nicky Johnston took over as Challenge Director for 2015 and also 2016. We even exhibited for Arts Brookfield in March 2015! Click the logo above for the Facebook member page, and we also have a Facebook Community Page and a blog.

I have been contributing to magazines, from columns to full feature articles, since 1988. Click the logo above for more.

teaching notes.
You'll find teaching notes for all of my books right here. These are wonderful for supplementing in-class teaching and also for use at home or for homeschooling. You'll find teaching notes for other books at Kids' Book Review, below, too.

industry connections.
I started my Ask Tania series on my blog to help new creators navigate their way through the kids' book industry. There are loads of topics covered. Click above poster for more.
creator resources.
Similarly, my author/illustrator resources posts are enormously helpful to those wanting an industry leg-up.
fun for kids.
If you are a kid or a big kid or just love fun things to do for kids, you can head to the Fun for Kids section on my website.


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