to meditate or not to meditate

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Meditation has always been a large part of my life. The understanding, stress-relief and joy it's brought me have had untold benefits to my heart, soul and mind - and perhaps now, more than ever, meditation is something I really need.

Alas, it's also been something that's been very 'on and off' for me. A bit like exercise. And avoiding sugar. And taking time out. I spend a year getting right into it, then quickly lose steam. Why do we do this to ourselves??

Local gal, producer Jennifer Sexton, has been a long-time meditator and when she recently contacted me to show me her meditation package - Your Journey - I looked to the heavens and I said "thank you for sending Jennifer my way".

Jennifer's guided meditation and handbook have been endorsed by Qantas and have even been used as part of their inflight entertainment services. The DVD is good for all ages, even kids.

Like all things that are really really good for me, I'm fully aware I need to make the time to do this. It's ironic that we all crave great health and stress-relief, yet fail to take time to harness life-giving activities like meditation. Along with exercise and nutrition and good sleep, I do believe meditation is up there in regard to positive health benefits and I'm so looking forward to getting into this DVD.

You can learn more about Your Journey at, and Jennifer even has a downloadable version for smartphones and ipads - right here.

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