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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Lisa Stewart's stunning image from Can I Cuddle the Moon

Want to own a limited edition print by some of Australia's best children's book illustrators? You do!? Then head to Story Box Library and pledge your support now. They have an incredible line-up of rewards available. But what is Story Box Library?

a Charlotte Lance ORIGINAL illustration from A Really Super Hero

Story Box Library is an online ‘reading room’, enticing and inspiring young minds to open the doors to the wonderful world of Australian Children’s Literature and experience the special pleasure of sharing a story. Story Box Library has a commitment to our unique Australian culture and the diverse voices that bring that culture to life. 

By using Australian actors, authors and illustrators sharing their stories, they celebrate the power of quality storytelling and foster the creativity of young imaginations.

Run by a talented team including Nicole Brownlee, Gus Gordon and Anna Walker you'll love the glorious content they have in store. See for more.

So sorry--but Andrew Joyner's image from Too Many Elephants in this House is already gone. Waaaah!

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