Book Signing at Brindabella Business Park today

Thursday, 10 October 2013

I had the most wonderful day signing books at Brindabella Business Park near Canberra Airport today. Melissa and Melissa excelled themselves yet again, with a fabulous line-up of stalls, live music and the most divine atmosphere {despite gusty winds}.

Not only did I get to chat books and sign books and meet lovely bookish people, I also got to catch up with the gorgeous Jennie McClelland of Posie Patchwork, who had a mega sale on all her glorious wares. The above photo is of me and the legs of one of her twinnies--we were preparing tea in the most divine thermos, which Jennie gifted to me--so spoiled; can you believe how gorgeous?

You can see our combined stalls, below, along with a stash of Jennie's home-made eggs {which she also gifted me!!} from her stash of free range hens, including Araucanas and Bantams.

I also had a very special treat--dear friend Sylvia {IG: @creative_chicky} stopped by to hang out and chat {the skirt I wore today is one of her creations}. She also snaffled some photos of me signing a major pile of books for a local childcare centre {thank you, Kate!}.

And Jennie snapped the picture below. Yes, all three piles in front of me were bought up by the childcare centre! Gorgeous people.

It was also lovely to catch up with artist Cheryl Hodges, {check out the yellow resin bangle she made--I'm wearing it in the photos above}, Stacey of Cheeky Textiles, Mikaela of Danvers Creative and Canberra Creatives, and Rachelle of Orange Whisk. Rachelle's gingerbread is to die for.

And my extra special, shiny treat for the day, was finally meeting the talented Helen Ross, author extraordinaire, who was in town for a few days working. We had a post-event cup of tea and nattered about books and writing and books and writing.

A very special day!


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

All so gorgeous, what a day!! Aren't the two Mels who run this market amazing??!! That last shot of you with Helen is gorgeous!! Gorgeous to spend the day with you, must have been ace to go home 70 odd books lighter??!! Love Posie

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh did my comment save?? Just saying how awesome the two Mels are who run this market & gorgeous to spend the day with you. Must have been wonderful walking away 70 odd books lighter. Congratulations. That last image of you with Helen is fantastic. Love Posie

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