Meet the NLA Author Event at National Library, Canberra

Sunday, 3 November 2013

One of my favourite places to visit is the National Library of Australia. I always have the best experiences there--from cookies at the cafe to meetings with my wonderful publisher to fabulous events that tie in with fabulous festivals like Showcase: The Second Annual Festival of Australian Children's Literature.

Today I had the pleasure of reading Eco Warriors to the Rescue! (alongside my publisher Susan Hall) to some gorgeous kids and their accompanying adults, before listening to Susan read her adorable book What's Dad Doing? alongside NLA editor Joanna Karmel (below).

The kids then enjoyed a wonderful (spooky!) reading from author Nina Poulos and illustrator Cheryl Westenberg of their book Night Monsters.

In between readings, the kids enjoyed some fabulous activities including word searches, colouring-in, making their own finger puppets and drawing monsters with Cheryl. They loved it!

To finish off, the lovely Stephanie Owen Reeder enchanted the kids with an exuberant reading of Dance Like a Pirate, where the kids hopped and leapt and stretched and had a grand time.

What a joy it is to see parents and grandparents and children immersing themselves in fabulous books, and sharing a love of reading. I even met two young girls--Christine was just 7 and Adele just 6--who have an entire catalogue of their own written and illustrated books. They brought several to show me. I asked them if they would ask me along to their book launches one day, and they said yes.

What more could you ask for?

Congratulations to the NLA and to Belle Alderman and the team from Showcase for yet another fabulous event in their incredible festival line-up. There's still two more events to come! For more on these events and the Festival of Australian Children's Literature in general, click on the posters below. #showcasefest

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