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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Hello, kids--so lovely to see you here! I really hope you love This is Captain Cook as much as I loved writing it and Christina loved illustrating it.

Here you will find some fun activities to download and enjoy--all about Captain Cook!

Word Search

Right-click, save, print and enjoy!

Colouring-In Page

Right-click to copy and print!

Make Your Own Captain's Hat

Grab yourself a large sheet of paper or newspaper and use the diagram below to fold your own Captain's hat! Decorate or colouring it in, if you like.

Captain Cook Quiz


Try your hand at this super dooper quiz. And yes, you may use the internet to help you!

  1. Which country was James Cook born in?
  2. What was the name of his wife?
  3. How many children did they have?
  4. What was the name of the ship Captain Cook sailed when he landed in Australia?
  5. What year was it?
  6. What did he name the first bay he came across?
  7. Which country did Captain Cook land on shortly before discovering the east coast of Australia?
  8. What did he call the east coast of Australia when he first landed?
  9. Which reef was the Endeavour damaged on?
  10. When The Endeavour made anchor, Cook actually wasn't the first person to set foot on Australian soil. He asked someone else if they would like to go first. Who was it?

PS: Click here to see an animated map of Captain Cook’s second voyage!

Teachers' Notes

ftp://ftp.nla.gov.au/pub/outgoing/This is Captain Cook.pdf

Tell your teacher about these fabulous teachers' notes that can be used in class! There's lots of fun ideas. Just click the poster above to see them.

The Real Life Launch at the 
National Library, Canberra

Kids, if you are based near Canberra, don't forget to come along to the This is Captain Cook book launch at the National Library! You'll need to RSVP--details below!


Click the poster to RSVP!

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DimbutNice said...

These are so cool and just a little bit tricky. I'm sure the kids will be better at them than me.

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