Spring Reads Book-A-Day, days 1 to 5

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Day 1: Garden #SpringReads #3LibraryLadies Matisse's Garden by Samantha Friedman and Matisse-reproduction illustrations by Cristina Amodeo (MoMA, 2014). A riot of colorful gardens in the way only Henri Matisse knew how, this stunning book celebrates the paper-cut artwork he produced, using Amodeo's own paper-cut artwork. A visual garden to behold.

Who could resist? Three lovely library ladies--Megan Daley, Trisha Buckley and Claree M--got together on Instagram to post a book-a-day to a theme--all in celebration of Spring.

I just had to join in (see my IG account here). I'm posting picture books, but you could post whatever genre you like.

Won't you come along for the ride? It's not too late to join in. Just use #3LibraryLadies and #Spring Reads. You may just find your next great read.

Day 2: Flower. #SpringReads #3LibraryLadies A breathtaking peek at a wordless walk that proves more fraught with meaning than words could ever say.

Day 3: Rain. #3LibraryLadies #SpringReads Adore adore adore Frank Viva's work, and this play on words with cut-out pages, is both a literary and visual joy.

Day 4: Colour. #3LibraryLadies #SpringReads These Puffin children's classics, with cover designs by the illustrious Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini, have my heart apace every time I look at them. Books have the ability to enchant even when closed with spine facing out - not only because of the prettiness but because of the magical promise of story crammed inside. When the books' colours are as bright and colorful and enticing as this - it's like living in a literary candy store.
Day 4: Colour II. #3LibraryLadies #SpringReads
Couldn't resist a second colour book - totally in love with the Pantone books! 

Day 5: Spring. ‪#‎3LibraryLadies‬ ‪#‎SpringReads‬ Yes, another obsession - Blexbolex and his colour/simplicity/whimsy genius. In Seasons, we not only enjoy the visual joys of Spring, we revel in all four seasons of the year.

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