Smile Cry Launch Party Wrap-Up!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Launched! Smile Cry has set sail at the glorious Harry Hartog store in Woden, Canberra.

Piglet, Bunny and Cat made a crocheted appearance, along with ate-all-the-pies pies, ice-cream-plopping-down cupcakes and sweetie-pie-wink cookies. There were animal masks, colouring-in and goodie bags, and we even had some 'suggestions from the audience' (five-year-olds are so eloquent) that were so utterly touching, including a loneliness-in-the-playground-cry (gasp!) and a sunshine-smile.

Gosh, kids are so beautiful. I so loved meeting the most divine little souls today. Many of them brought along their own cuddly toys, especially pigs, rabbits or cats!

Jess Racklyeft, my insanely-good illustrator, was unable to attend (in Melbourne, with babies) but she was fondly spoken of, and so many people ranted and raved about her stunning illustrations.

Thank you so much, Harry Hartog, for hosting us in your divine store! and to everyone who came along and enjoyed the story. We sold all but one book!

And my eternal thanks to the amazing Nicole Godwin for her organisational skills, support and ability to take all these phenomenal snaps at just the right moment. So appreciate that girl.

And lastly to my dear friend Jen Storer for coming to Canberra on the quickest flight known to mankind, for launching my book, being stylish and eloquent beyond belief, and for filling my heart this weekend. This is one generous, thoughtful woman--so busting with creative passion, it's palpable. She also signed a stack of books!

I hope you enjoy these pics from a very special morning--and that they make you smile! ...

McCartney/Storer books!

Ice-cream-plopping down cupcakes

Jen Storer's teddy, Mr Potpan, from Tensy Farlow! (above right)

Above: Jen and me--busted sharing secret squirrel business in le back room.

Jen, me, Stephanie Owen Reeder

The guests arrive. And start reading!

Welcoming everyone

Introducing Jen

Jen, saying some v generous things!

Showing her favourite page from the book--A Goodbye Cry

Reading the book with my trusty assistant Amelie

Audience participation time--this is the sunshine-smile boy!

Signing, signing, signing! With Irma Gold

With my mate, Ash, above left.

Treat time!


Kym, Jen and Connor of Harry Hartog

And here is the beautiful girl behind the camera--thanks, Nic!

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