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Saturday, 12 March 2016

I have to confess something. I'm a closet sticky-beak. Addicted to biography, I love to know about other people's lives, but not in that gossipy kind of way--rather the way that is steeped in genuine interest. Other people's worlds fascinate me. Perhaps that's why I'm a writer.

One of my biggest dreams is to be able to throw open every door in the neighbourhood and to walk through each and every house, just looking, touching nothing (unless there is a dog or a cat) and then walk out again, gleaning little snippets of meaning of lives lived and the possessions and pictures and decorating styles that make each of us unique. Homes are a rich tapestry of our worlds.

Similarly, books are a rich tapestry of the author's mind. And illustrations the rich tapestry of the illustrator's mind. They are a culmination and perspective honed by life and experience itself.

I LOVE this. Perhaps that's why I'm addicted to words and pictures. They are rich in meaning beyond the surface.

And, being the impatient soul that I am, along with my sticky-beakness, one thing I absolutely love love lovity love... is sneak peeks.

I cannot wait! (eyeing you, Dub Leffler, Jen Storer, Gus Gordon, Katherine Battersby and many, many more people, as they create books I am busting-in-the-face-purple to see). So darned impatient. I want sneak peeks and I want them NOW!

So, in keeping with my rabid desire to see works-in-progress, herewith a little peek for anyone else suffering this chronic complaint of creative impatience. These are some page snippets I've been posting these past few months (mostly on Facebook) of the pages of my first illustrated book (out November).

Things are still a little early so I cannot say more about Le Book just yet, so I will SUFFER in silence. Needless to say, you will all be the first to know more. Hopefully soon! Soooooon!

In the meantime, enjoy this little tiptoe through my mind. (That's a scary thought.)

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Sandy Fussell said...

So gorgeous. I'm very partial to a bit of sneak peekery too! I find it very inspiring and motivating. When others are doing I want to do too! PS if you're noticing my avatar is a little strange for me, it's because I'm participating in the 2016 Student Blogging Challenge as a mentor and making an avatar was part of the Week 1 challenge.

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