The Helper Monkeys story in Funny Bones anthology

Thursday 8 August 2019


I'm absolutely delighted to have a story in this superb (and funny!) anthology, edited by Kate and Jol Temple, and Oliver Phommavanh, featuring over 100 stories from children's authors, illustrators and comedians all over Australia. I mean, it's over 700 pages thick! And very, very best of all, the royalties from sales go to War Child Australia.

War Child is an international relief and development agency dedicated to providing immediate, effective and sustainable aid to children affected by war. War Child was formed in 1993 in response to conflict in the former Yugoslavia, and has since expanded its work to conflicts worldwide. War Child Australia is an all-volunteer organisation that was established in July 2002. Since that time, War Child Australia has been committed to providing aid to young victims of war all around the world.

For more about the book, click the cover above.

My story, The Helper Monkeys, has its own official Twitter account (as featured in the story). So if you, yourself, are one day interested in getting your own Helper Monkeys (I take no responsibility for what might happen if you do), you will need to follow the account, pronto.

I hope you snaffle a copy or twenty of this wonderful book. Perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas! and for such a worthwhile cause.

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