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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Finally, I have Ivy Bird in my clutches! Copies arrived this morning and I've been peeping like a chick over the divine production values--beautiful paper, stunning colour. Very happy! And to celebrate their arrival, of course, I had to have a photo shoot.

Introducing the Ivy Bird Bird Crew. I've spent the last couple of months hooking these darlings, with mountains of yarn and stuffing for plump tummies and thighs. Some of these birds will soon be flying the nest ... one will be given away on Kids' Book Review, along with a copy of the book (signed by moi!). 

The giveaway starts at 5pm on Wednesday 28 August and runs till 5pm Wednesday 4 September. Times are Sydney time. You'll find the giveaway here, but remember the post won't go live till 5pm on the 28th. You'll have to wait and see which bird will take flight with the book!

I will also be giving away another copy of the book on my Instagram in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that. AND I'll be auctioning two of the birds there, too. All proceeds for birds sold will go to BirdLife Australia, an organisation dedicated to creating a bright future for Australian birds.

In the year 2000, one in five Australian birds were listed as threatened. Factors include ongoing clearing of native vegetation, and the impact of climate change.

There are several endemic Australian birds included in Ivy Bird. The Australian magpie, the bowerbird, lorikeet, rosella and lyrebird. Introduced species include the duck, robin, canary, owl, peacock and hummingbird. A note that the pale yellow robin is endemic to Australia, as well as several owl species.

Fifi is a party girl but she's no-fuss at heart. She loves to frock up and boogie but she also loves nothing more than curling up with a good book. She's sweet but sassy, warm but direct. Cool but kitsch. Her favourite book is Ivy Bird, but she also loves Flora the Flamingo by Molly Idle.

Ollie is quiet but observant. He's studious but cheeky. He's shy but thrives on practical jokes, and has a wicked sense of humour. He's into computer games but loves nothing more than staying up late at night, under the covers with a torch and a book. His favourite book is Ivy Bird, but he also loves Mopoke by Philip Bunting.

Cossima is an actress and singer. She's stylish, sleek and has a magical voice. She can often be found in the world's finest jazz bars (where she's been likened to Edith Piaf), but she loves nothing more than singing along to an audio book. Her favourite book is Ivy Bird, but she also loves Trevor by Jim Averbeck and Amy Hevron.

Miko is a traveller. He's suave, sophisticated and chatty. If you sit next to him on a long haul flight, you won't get a wink of sleep. Miko is hugely philanthropic, and donates large portions of his nest egg to donating books to children. More than anything, he loves curling up with his own good book (when he can keep his beak shut!). His favourite book is Ivy Bird, but he also loves Duck! by Meg McKinlay and Nathaniel Eckstrom.

Pedro may look showy, but he's humble and extremely intelligent. He likes to spend his time exploring and solving problems, and especially loves analysing the impact humans are having on climate change. At night, he simply adores wrapping his feathers around a good book. His favourite book is Ivy Bird, but he also loves The Peacock Detectives by Carly Nugent.

Lotta is an aerial acrobat. She can be found high in the treetops for much of the day, but at night, she can be found in her studio till the wee hours, whipping up magnificent paintings. She is charming, sensitive and generous. Almost every single night, Lotta falls asleep with her beak inside the pages of a book. Her favourite book is Ivy Bird, but she also loves Australian Birds by Matt Chun.

Learn more about Ivy Bird right here. She is available online and were all good books are sold.

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