I Heart the World illustration roughs

Friday, 17 January 2020

In just two weeks, I Heart the World will hit stores, taking kids on a voyage around our globe, visiting far flung places and discovering our sights, sites, flora, fauna and the deliriously diverse people who inhabit our continents - from the Arctic to Antarctica, from Paris to Peru.

While you wait for this armchair voyage, here is a peek at the many illustrations that went into the book. I produced over 1000 separate images for my Australia Map and added another few hundred for the World Map.

Many of these illustrations were included in I Heart the World but there are many more new ones - probably another few hundred. Yes, this book is BIG! Literally and figuratively.

You'll see here the watercolour images I created before scanning and finishing in Photoshop, then draping over the pages of the book. Many of the sheets here has illustrations on the back, too, and this is only some of the grand total. I could perhaps make a carpet with them all.

Hope you enjoy this peruse, and look out for I Heart the World in stores soon. You can also order online right here.

Happy peeking...!

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