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Friday 14 August 2020

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Styling Tan is a big step for me. On the moon. You know, a leap for all womankind thing.

I’m Tan. I’m a wife and mum and children’s book author, illustrator, editor and designer. I live in Canberra, Australia, with a mountain of books and a forest of artwork and an Aladdin’s cave of clothing and accessories. I’m a woman in her early 50s who still feels 20.

I’ve spent much of my life focused on work and family and health. All three are my Everything. And, like most women, this is perhaps why I feel like I’ve lost myself. I’ve been so busy, I’ve suddenly woken up and felt old. Like life has passed far too quickly and I’ve done so little to keep that youthful, girlish heart, body and mind alive and vibrant.

When I hit menopause, it was like a veil was lifted. Styling Tan slipped on her sequin jacket, clipped on a vintage bangle ... and stepped up.

My love of style and fashion knows no bounds. It’s been present lifelong, but I lost its connection along the way and took the safe, bland route. 

Now, I want my sparkle back. 

I want to celebrate and enjoy my adoration for sequins and denim and colour that lights up my heart as well as my face. 

I want to roll around in tulle and snuggle into faux fur, fall into drape, waft in plissé, bounce in platform sneakers and strut in structured coats and sky-high heels. 

I want to feel the thunder of my heart and the dizzying joy of sartorial pleasure as I snap, zip and button my way through my clothing collection, old and new.

Clothing brings me immense pleasure and helps me settle into this second half of my life in a way that’s both comforting and uplifting. I’m no longer 20 but my heart still beats with youth and energy. And now is the time to embrace the eye-lighting, happy-making pleasures that keep us vibrant.

Styling Tan is for women over 40 and anyone else whose heart beats out of their chest over a fab belt or vintage blouse.

It's for anyone who's losing their mind over Tracky Dacks Daily during lockdown.

It’s for anyone who has sidelined themselves or dumbed themselves down.

It’s for anyone who feels the need to uplift themselves and celebrate whatever stage of life they are in.

I look forward to travelling this blissful sartorial journey with you. Get set to shine.

Tan x

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