CBCA Conference, Canberra

Saturday, 11 June 2022

Well, it feels like life is kinda sorta getting back to some semblance of normal. Events are unfolding and people are actually going, OMG. A book reading here, a signing there, a children's book conference and lunch and coffee and gadding about a little. 

I feel like a grizzly bear waking from a long winter nap, cautiously poking my head out, drawing in fresh, blossomy air.

I presented twice at the Children's Book Council's Canberra conference - readings/fireside chats Friday night and a panel today, alongside The Inimitables - Bruce Whatley and Dub Leffler - two divine humans. Also spent long overdue time with my beloved publisher Lisa Berryman (HarperCollins Children's). I then lunched with local darling, Leanne Barrett (had been years!) and I have to say - I am full. Uplift, encouragement, support, inspiration, FUN! This is what we want and need.

I might even make this Going Out business more of a priority. A new dawn!

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