ABC Wall Hanging

Thursday, 2 April 2009

When Ella was 2, she was obsessed, like all kids, with the alphabet. And I was obsessed with felt.

When the two combined, this happened – an ABC wall hanging I spent hours and hours on, carefully stitching together little characters and stuffing them with fluff.

Alas, C and U are missing (cat and umbrella) but I’m hoping they’ll turn up in a long lost drawer somewhere, some day. If not, I might just have to get creative again and fill in the gaps.

Like my artwork as a teen, I often look back at these creations and wonder if I’m still capable of doing them. Do we lose our talents as we age? Like our brains, do our skills start to shrivel if we don’t give them a regular workout?

Why aren’t there enough hours in the day so I can sit and push needles into felt all day long? And what is it about felt?

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