Thursday, 2 April 2009

What is it with kids and dress-ups? It’s always been one of my kids' favourite things to do. I spent a fortune on dress-ups in Beijing (they were so cheap, but I bought a kajillion) – everything from pink punk witches to Peter Pan.

We loved dress-ups as children, too. Our outfits, however, consisted of op shop finds and nanna cast-offs, perhaps a couple of pairs of mum's old shoes and a musty stole or two. We never had Disney princess outfits complete with musical tiaras, no no.

Alas, both my kids often shun the preset, designer costume with all its additional, special features. Take this Narnia Knight (above), modelled almost daily by our friend and neighbour, Brandon. Riley has never put it on. Not even once. He instead likes to create fascinating style combinations such as this kangaroo/witch/Muppet Show ensemble.

But… I guess so long as he’s having fun…

Childhood. Who can explain it?

For a whimsical dress-up party, see little: Parties: High Tea. And for more on the costume quandry, see The Great Costume Caper.

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