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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

We're ever so slowly settling into our new house since returning from Beijing, and in the process of unfolding a life that has been in storage, I came across tender little bits and bobs from the kids' babyhood.

Goodness knows how I found the time but I crafted so much when the kids where babies - knitting, working with felt and paper, scrapbooking, sewing.... how I miss those days.

Here is a little bee I made for Ella about 6 years ago... all fuzzed up and totally mauled. He is actually a puppet, though his body is too long for little fingers. Looks like it's a mummy story-telling puppet.

I also found many other gorgeous creations that brought tears to my eyes. When I hold them close, they still smell like baby.

I'll upload pics of these other bits soon... tender little moments in time. Watch this space.

I would love to see your baby creations... In the meantime, head to Meet Me At Mikes to see the gorgeous felt creations by very talented peoples...

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