I'm Loving... the changing colours of autumn

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Things are a-changing here in Canberra. You feel it in the air first - that subtle shift in temperature - then things start to pop. And little fluffy things start dancing on the air. The iceberg roses go bananas and flourish like a sudden flurry of snow.

Then the Japanese maples start to light up from within and soon their hair is on fire. Look at this fabulous specimen in our front yard, hiding behind the standard on the driveway.

Then there are the silver birch trees, which have bark the colour of the smoothest, silvery brain and leaves the colour of sugarcoated mint. I could stare into them forever. When the wind moves the leaves, it's like newly hatched butterflies.

The maples inside our back yard are also shifting colours... only the very tips of their fingers are on fire, but they're mostly going from lime through to butter, before they catch alight.

No wonder Autumn is my favourite season. I can't wait until we have enough crackling leaves for the kids to pile up and throw themselves into, giggles and yelps mandatory.

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