Oh What a Wonderful Feeling

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Oh what a glorious day!

Here is the blurb from my very first listing in a book distributor magazine - as a self-published author!


Such a feeling of achievement - it's a little bit overwhelming after all this hard work and oftentime agony.

Huge thanks go to Dennis Jones & Associates who have taken me on.

Look out for both Beijing Tai Tai and Riley and the Sleeping Dragon at an Australian bookstore near you - and if you can't find it, ask them to order it in! Oh my goodness - you can order my book in!

Golly gee - is this real???


Tiny Concept said...

Congratulations Tania, that is SO EXCITING!!!!! Make sure you celebrate with a great bottle of wine (preferably French!) and have a drink for me!

Emma Davidson said...

Congratulations! Hope you get lots of new stockists :)

moggies said...

I don't know why you are so suprised....you are WONDERFUL!!!!!

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