School Holiday Fun: Publish Your Own Memoir!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Who doesn't want to publish their own memoir? With a few basic supplies, kids of all ages have the capability of designing, writing and binding their own precious book - chock-full of stuff  All About Me.

1 x A4 card in a pretty colour
5 x A4 sheets of white paper
Half a metre of thin ribbon
A holepunch
Photos, if you wish
Decorative-edged scissors, if you so desire
Sparkles are optional

Start by folding your A4 card (in a pretty colour) in half. Run a knife along the edge to get a nice sharp crease. Fold your 5 sheets of paper in half and crease along the edge, as before.

Carefully punch holes at the very edge of your folded card. Insert your white pages and mark the paper through the hole in the card. Remove the pages and punch a hole where you made the mark. You should have holes through all sheets of card and paper. Carefully thread ribbon through the holes from the inside pages to the outside cover.

Pull the ribbon through and then tie a bow. You might need to borrow someone's finger to help you hold the ribbon while you tie the bow.

Design your front cover! Write the title: All About Me!

Page 1: Write down all your names and then write the meaning underneath in a contrasting colour. You can look up the meanings on the internet if you don't have a special book.

Page 2: Draw a big hollow number - your age - and then decorate it any way you want, but most especially with things you love.

Page 3: This page is dedicated to your sanctuary... call it My Room. Draw items from your room or draw a picture of your room, but the trick here is to label things. Do you know how to label a diagram?

Page 4: My Pet - write down your pet's name, age, colour, type... You can also draw a picture. If you don't own a pet, perhaps you can write about your favourite animal. And if you don't have a pet and want one really badly, don't worry - Ella and Riley only just got rabbits after 8 years of pining. It WILL happen.

Page 5: This is the fun section - My Favourites! We LOVE My Favourites. The first one, of course - is food. Draw your item then put its name right alongside it.

Page 6: Next is your favourite place. It could be somewhere you've visited, or somewhere you REEEEALLY want to go. Right now, I know I would want to do Paris, thanks to Claire. But you can choose ANYWHERE! ( you know how tiny the world is now?)


Page 7 and onwards: you choose! My kids drew a family portrait on their end page - what will you choose?

Tomorrow's fun kids activity will also be related to books... Why not, it's raining and we're on a roll here...

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